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Some images illustrating the many symbols associated with Manchester and the surrounding areas.

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Image Title Creator Date Identifier
m63545.jpg Manchester University Owens College, Victoria University, Crest, Manchester Not Stated //1910 m63545
m63546.jpg Manchester University Owens College, Crest, Manchester Not Stated //1910 m63546
m56639.jpg Exchanges, Stock Exchange, Coat of Arms, Manchester Not Stated //1987 m56639
m07273.jpg Stockport Coat of Arms Not Stated //1930 m07273
m07274.jpg Salford Coat of Arms Not Stated //1930 m07274
m07280.jpg Heraldry, Manchester, Old Coat of Arms Not Stated //1920 m07280
m07287.jpg Heraldry, Manchester, Coat of Arms Not Stated //1950 m07287
m53693.jpg Coat of Arms, Chetham's Hospital School, Manchester Not Stated //1905 m53693
m71549.jpg St Wilfrid and St Mary Church, Mobberley, Cheshire Not Stated //1900 m71549
m83675 Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square during the 2002 Commonwealth Games Not Stated 2002 m83675
m08228.jpg Banner of the United Women Suffragists, Manchester Branch Not Stated //1910 m08228
m08230.jpg Banner Women's Suffrage Society, Macclesfield Branch Not Stated //1910 m08230
m08252.jpg Trade Union Congress Pensioners Meeting in Town Hall Luft, M. //1985 m08252
m08515.jpg TUC Plaque Old College of Commerce Price, L.H. //1970 m08515
m52280.jpg Manchester Town Hall, Interior, Albert Square windows Not Stated //1950 m52280
m52291.jpg Manchester Town Hall, Interior, corridor first floor City Surveyor's Department 18/01/1914 m52291
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